We bring you dishes that have been sourced locally, made fresh and prepared to meet the highest standards, yours.

Hooper’s chicken might be the best chicken I’ve ever tasted. It’s fresh, flavorful and hands down better than any chicken I’ve had.
— Stacey, Doorstep Dinners Customer
Hoopers Catering has provided me with food and drink for a variety of events. What has been most talked about has been the creative use of interesting and tasty food. They are the only referral in my rolodex for catered events.
— Ben, Builderguru Contracting, Inc.
I am a Maryland boy, so I know the difference between a crabCAKE and a CRABcake. Yours was without a doubt the latter, and one of the best I’ve ever had in my long, seafood-loving life.
— Joey, Doorstep Dinners Customer